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Apatite Blue CHIPS - 1 pound bag
Apatite Blue CHIPS - 1 pound bag

Apatite Blue CHIPS - 1 pound bag

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Locality: Brazil
Natural. Blue Apatite from is naturally very crumbly.

1. Color: As the name suggests, blue apatite typically exhibits a beautiful blue coloration, ranging from light to deep shades of blue. However, it can also occur in other colors such as green, yellow, brown, and purple.

2. Hardness: Blue apatite has a hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively durable but still susceptible to scratching and abrasion.

3. Clarity: Blue apatite can be transparent to translucent, with some specimens exhibiting a high degree of clarity.

4. Luster: It typically exhibits a vitreous to sub-vitreous luster when polished.

5. Density: Density range for blue apatite is approximately 3.16 to 3.23 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³).

6. Metaphysical Properties: In metaphysical and spiritual practices, blue apatite is believed to possess several beneficial properties. It is often associated with enhancing intuition, communication, and self-expression. It is also thought to stimulate creativity, intellect, and clarity of thought. Additionally, blue apatite is sometimes used for spiritual healing and balancing energy.

Photos have not been edited or altered, just taken in different daylight conditions to show the variation in color.  Pieces are held in hand to help with scale and does not necessarily represent 1 pound.  Specific pieces photographed may no longer be available.