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Enhydro Crystals from the Brandberg Mountains of Namibia

One of our great products we are able to offer are the Brandberg amethyst crystals from Namibia. Many of these crystals contain water and gas inclusions internally to the crystal structure.

One very important tip for our customers is to never expose these crystals to extreme heat, cold, or prolonged exposure to sunlight. With the temperature changes the gas and water will expand or contract creating pressure inside the crystal this will cause the crystal to fracture or break!

I learned this first hand when in Africa.

I was wrapping Enhydro crystals I had just purchased on the hood of the truck. I had a tray of crystals exposed to the sunlight it was only about 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. About 10 minutes into wrapping I heard a "POP". Then I noticed a large crystal had just broken. I could not believe that in only 10 minutes the sunlight heated up the Enhydro enough to break the Brandberg amethyst crystal. So take it from me and don't learn the hard way. When owning Enhydro crystals always keep them out of direct sunlight and do not let them freeze or overheat!